WELCOME TO RAYCLIFF MANOR - 2016 Location to be Announced!

The Story Of Raycliff Manor

Raycliff Manor

A catacomb of nightmares, a macabre maze of horror. Enter freely and of your own will. This may be your last contact with reality; you have now entered the world of spirits. Inside the manor a mad genius once discovered the secret of extracting fear from his victims as trophies for his collection of terror. Now those fears are trapped inside, waiting for those who are brave enough to enter. No amount of screaming can wake you and your nervous laughter can’t protect you. In one of these rooms your worst nightmare has come to life and is waiting to confront you. It beckons you into the darkness…do you dare?

We are located at:

2016 Raycliff Manor Location to be Announced!

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Hours of Operation

Friday & Saturday 7:00pm - Midnight. Ticket Window opens at 6:30pm.

Recorded Information

New Number Coming Soon!


Not recommended for pregnant women, individuals with weak hearts, or wimps! This is a scary attraction with high shock factor, terrifying special effects, and illusions that are horrifyingly real!

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Raycliff Manor has been been listed in HorrorHound Magazine’s “Map To The Greatest US Haunts!” Look for us in the Septmeber/October 2008 issue!


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